Nighttime Security Camera

Flashlight Security Camera turns your iPhone or iPad into a security camera with a flash light that you can use at night!

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Nighttime Security Camera



Nighttime Security Camera turns your iPhone or iPad into a security camera with a flash light that you can use at night.


Always use Nighttime Security Camera responsibly. Never use it for illegal activities.

Trying to catch your teen sneaking back into the house?
Now you can get her with your flashlight security camera and capture her surprised face forever :-)

Use this app…

  • …when you are working as a security officer and want the option of taking pictures of possible intruders. They will never know that you grabbed their picture and will think it’s a only a flashlight!!
  • …when you bring out the garbage and want to have a light, as well as the option to capture pictures of any critters that might be lingering around outside.
  • …when you want to take a picture of how your little ones sleep at night :-)
  •  …when you need a flashlight!
  • …when you need a compass!

Don’t be surprised by nighttime critters any longer!
Don’t have your family and friends mock you any longer, about what goes on in your trash can!
You will always be prepared to snap a picture and proof it to your friends and family!

Nighttime Security Camera v1.1  Copyright©2013 by SassyBApps

All rights reserved.

Important Note on Saving/Accessing Pictures

Please make sure the app has access to your photos, otherwise the app won’t be able to save the pictures that you take.
To adjust your privacy settings, follow these steps:

  1. Exit the app
  2. Open “Settings”
  3. Select “Privacy”
  4. Select “Photos”
  5. Toggle the ON/OFF switch next to the Nighttime Security Camera to the “On” position
  6. Go back into the app and take pictures. You should then be able to retrieve them with your regular pictures on the iphone.
Contact us if you need any assistance!


For the wife!!
She always needs more light. Perfect with the extras!!


Very handy security flashlight
Great tool to have in your app arsenal.


Great app!
A must-have!


Great app
Great app, easy to use.


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